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A practical and evidence-based introduction to the world of nutrition coaching. 

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Want to go at your own pace? Our self-guided course contains all the same great content as the live masterclass, but you can chug along at your own pace at an economical price.

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Live Masterclass

Our flagship 12-week Nutrition Coaching Masterclass includes a weekly group seminar with Coach Marc (all online). Perfect for diving deeper into nutrition coaching and your work with an actual client.

***Fall 2020 starts Sept 14th - reserve your spot by e-mailing marc@polyhealth.ca

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Not sure? That's ok. Check out free resources on our blog and updates on free mini-courses coming up. 

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Enrollment in the Summer 2020 Nutrition Coaching Course CLOSED

Fall 2020 enrolment will open August 1. Contact us at marc@polyhealth.ca to reserve a spot.









Why should you become a nutrition coach?


"For anyone looking to establish themselves as a quality coach, Marc’s years and degree of experience in the nutrition, coaching, and entrepreneurial arena are top level." 

How will you benefit by investing in polyhealth nutrition education:


Armed with a PhD in Nutrition, Dr. Marc presents the most up to date scientific, nutrition evidence, allowing you to provide relevant techniques and strategies with your own clients.


Through a decade of coaching experience, we've mastered the art of applying nutrition concepts into real life practice.  Go beyond information in a textbook - learn through real-world examples that can only be taught by being in the trenches.


What your clients care about - results!  Let our expert team lay out exactly how use best practices to push results, keeping your client roster committed to your services and gain referrals to build your business. 

About the Instructor

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Dr. Marc Morris PhD (Nutrition), CSCS

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"I have taken a nutrition course in the past but it lacked the practical and applied component that polyhealth nutrition coaching course provides. The live lectures each week were something I looked forward to as it gave the opportunity for questions & discussion with both Marc and my peers in the group."

Meredith Baumann
Graduate 2019

polyhealth - Nutrition Coaching Masterclass

Summer 2020 (**CLOSED) Contact marc@polyhealth.ca to be notified when Fall enrollment (September) opens

"While Marc was completing his PhD in Nutrition, and myself a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics, I was fortunate to have him lecture many of my classes. Now, I have been able to work with Marc on growing my nutrition business and enhancing my coaching practice.

Marc’s materials are always well researched, focused, and engaging. His delivery is clear and inspires action. For anyone looking to establish themselves as a quality coach, Marc’s years and degree of experience in the nutrition, coaching, and entrepreneurial arena are top level.

I would highly recommend his mentorship." 

-Dallas Odgers, Registered Dietitian

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