How I make $10,000 every month online coaching

In times of chaos, we question everything. 

How do I work in this uncertainty? 

Am I truly living my life like I want to?

How will I provide for my family? 

I’ve been lucky enough to develop the skills and have the support to create a career that I love. 

Everyday I get to educate and help others improve in ways I’m very passionate about. 

But it’s even more fulfilling, when you can do this AND provide for your family. 

Talking income is something I’ve shied away from in the past - it’s a bit taboo, but it’s important to highlight how you can turn your passion into a career, while still providing for your family. 

The first time I made $10,000 in a month was April 2016. It’s been a full 4-years since then, but I’ve gained a lot of insight into how this is possible and how to repeat it. 

Here are three things I’ve found to be COMPLETE GAME CHANGERS when it comes to levelling up your business and making more income. Keep in mind you don’t want to do this all at once - it takes time and consistency (it took 7 years to go from $6,000 TOTAL in 2013, to consistent $10,000+ months). 

1) Be very clear about how you are going to help your client. 

Education is good - you need to have the skills and knowledge to help someone.

Passion is even better - when you possess the desire and drive to take a client to the next level, you’ll be unstoppable. 

If you can combine these, you’ll be in a great position to help clients transform - BUT, you need to get very specific about how you are going to solve their problem. 

Ideally this process looks like this 

  • identify the problem and how you will fix it (if you are effective with social media you’ll be telling prospects how you do this regularly)
  • make sure the client is a good fit for what you do (this will save you a lot of time and headache down the road)
  • lay out exactly what they need to do (start off with small, manageable actions)
  • make sure they know what to report back (the actions, adherence, what is working and what isn’t) and when
  • determine how you will measure success 

This is one part knowledge, one part passion, but A LOT MORE procedure. Find a way to describe exactly how you will help a client with their problem and then a clear system that will help them get there. 

Find out more details about the  nutrition coaching course click HERE.


2) Diversify your income streams

1-on-1 coaching: For most online coaches, the bread and butter is in 1-on-1 coaching. Clients see the most value and results in an individualized plan where you remove the guesswork and push them to adhere. For most beginning coaches, the market is around ~$125-175 per month for this service and if you can streamline the process, you should be able to take on 30-50 clients on a full-time basis. In my experience, most clients will work with you for 4-6 months on average. ($4000-8000 monthly revenue). 

BUT, to push your total income even further it’s best to diversify your income streams. 

Challenges: If you only offer 1 on 1 coaching, you’ll be missing out on potential revenue from people who aren’t yet ready to invest in your services. 

One workaround, is to create smaller time-frame challenges that have an education component, but are self-driven (not as individualized). You are able to serve a larger group at once, teach them about your methods, and let them get to know you - building on the know love and trust factor. ($1000-2000 monthly revenue). 

One example of this is the Summer Shred nutrition challenge we’ve put on for the last three years. We’ve gotten between 50-175 registrants each year at $30 - 120 for 8-12 week programs. They are fun and many members will go on to do 1-on-1 coaching afterwards. 

Passive incomeOne of the best ways to continue to serve others and make money is to create “passive” income streams. Even if they are called passive, they take a lot of work up front, but once they are complete and have the right strategy around selling (word of mouth, blog content,, social media etc), they continue to generate income without you having to touch them.

For example, I’ve helped 200+ competitors prepare for 2-hour weigh-in events.. In February of 2017, I finished writing the “Way of the Weigh-In”,  a ~50 page e-book detailing the exact science and strategies behind making weight.  ($1000-2000 monthly revenue). 

Diversifying your income streams is one of the BEST ways to produce repeatable $10K months. Add in different offers, slow and steady, stick with it and your income will grow. 

3) Consult with an expert

The EASIEST way to grow your business is to learn from someone who has accomplished exactly what you are wanting to do. 

Investing in a mentor or coach is not cheap - but the right guide makes the process EXPONENTIALLY easier. 

Similar to your clients, we perform better when we have someone holding us accountable, but also helping us: 

  • Avoid costly mistakes 
  • Double down on methods that work 
  • Consistent with our messaging
  • Be more effective with our time
  • Act within our core values and principles

I’ve spent the last 7 years figuring out how to run a productive, online nutrition coaching business. Investing a fraction of the time, money and effort for this insight is a no-brainer and the quickest way to improve your process. That's why I'm so passionate about offering coaching programs like my Nutrition Coaching Masterclass (and the self guided Coaching Fundamentals version). 

This doesn't always have to be mentorship though - outsourcing tasks you're not good, interested in, or would be better suited for a professional (accounting, graphic design etc) can be helpful.

Most people avoid investing in themselves because of the time commitment and money. But over the years, I’ve invested in several coaches and the investment ALWAYS saves me time and helps me earn more. 

Helping people through a problem is one of the most honourable things you can do for them - if you can do this AND provide for your family, it’s a win for everyone. To consistently earn over 10,000 per month, you’ll need to get clear on how you’ll help your client, diversify your income streams, and get the right help and mentorship.

- Coach Marc

Need specific advice about your online business? Reach out at [email protected] and I would be happy to help you out. 


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