Three reasons becoming a weight loss and nutrition coach is the right career move


It’s taken me years, but I’ve finally crafted a career that I LOVE.

I am very lucky - most people never get to live out their dreams. and even less likely, make a living doing it. 

Reflecting on my path, I’ve distilled my love for this career to three rewarding principles and why transitioning into weight loss and nutrition coaching is the right career move to you. 

It all comes down to passion, helping people and flexibility. 


Do you ever sit up at night wondering why work a job you hate? 

I completely understand this - I was on a path to working in an area I didn’t LOVE and I dreaded it. 

My first degree was in Chemistry. My classmates were so intrigued in synthetic chemistry and just geeked out with it.

 I wasn’t. 

This made me lack focus and had no exit plan and it made the process really tough. 

I’m surprised I got through it, but I was surrounded by some good people that helped me through and hopefully I could use my science background in something more applied. Even the brightest and hardest working people struggle if they aren’t passionate about what they are doing. 

If you are here, chances are you’re passionate about nutrition, health and fitness and how we can use these things to TRANSFORM our lives. 

That probably excites you. It excited me so much I dedicated a decade, experiencing successes and major mistakes to create a career out of it. 

Everything is easier when you are passionate about what you are doing. 

Helping people

Want to know how you double down on your passion? You help people! 

SO many people struggle with weight loss and improving their nutrition. 

And although people invest in services that help them with these problems, credible and professional services are few and far between. 

Becoming a professional nutrition coach blends passion for health and fitness, while helping people. 

There is nothing more rewarding than meeting someone who is struggling and transforming, not only their body and health, but their entire lives. 

This is valuable stuff people benefit from and will pay for. Win-win. 

When people depend on you, that gives you purpose and the groundwork for a meaningful life. 

Find out more details about the  nutrition coaching course click HERE.



The biggest career shift we’ve seen in our lifetimes has been from: 

Production: building or delivering physical products or services (example: in a factory building cars, in a gym showing people how to lift). 


Information: teaching or coaching individuals how to do things (example: in front of your computer counselling a client with their nutrition, in front of a camera showing people how to create a meal).

Both have pros and cons, but the latter has one major upside: flexibility. 

Since you're not tied to a physical space and can scale up your processes - you are afforded more time, money, and the ability to work from wherever you want. 

This means you can work from in a warm locale or not answer to anyone other than the people you are helping (clients are the real bosses, but they are pretty easy to please once you are changing their lives). 

It’s time to leverage the technology and the information age to transition into the career you deserve. 

If you are tired of: 

  • working a passionless job
  • making minimal impact on the people around you and your community
  • being inflexible in one space, working 9-5

Then it is time to take the leap to nutrition and weight loss coaching. 

Not sure where to start? Check out my self-guided online Nutrition Coaching course.

This is the university course I always wish existed and never had - so I created it. Learn from a Doctor in Nutrition with 10 years of practical experience running an online business. 

 This course was designed to take someone who is interested in health and nutrition to delivering a comprehensive nutrition coaching program. 

Looking forward to working with you! Email me if you are considering this investment and we’ll see if you’re a good fit. 

[email protected]

- Dr. Marc 


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