Three reasons becoming a weight loss and nutrition coach is the right career move


It’s taken me years, but I’ve finally crafted a career that I LOVE.

I am very lucky - most people never get to live out their dreams. and even less likely, make a living doing it. 

Reflecting on my path, I’ve distilled my love for this career to three rewarding principles and why transitioning into weight loss and nutrition coaching is the right career move to you. 

It all comes down to passion, helping people and flexibility. 


Do you ever sit up at night wondering why work a job you hate? 

I completely understand this - I was on a path to working in an area I didn’t LOVE and I dreaded it. 

My first degree was in Chemistry. My classmates were so intrigued in synthetic chemistry and just geeked out with it.

 I wasn’t. 

This made me lack focus and had no exit plan and it made the process really tough. 

I’m surprised I got through it, but I was surrounded by some good people that helped me through...

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