Working from home: keys to running a productive online business

Looking back on this Easter Monday, I'm realizing I've worked a lot of holidays and basically in non-traditional ways, like from home, but also the truck, hotel room, coffee shop, and currently the garage, since 2015.

Setting yourself up for success in these scenarios is more than just "Should I shower today?"

Here's what I've discovered works best when trying to work from home:

1) Routine.

Just because you don't have a task master, doesn't mean you are off the hook! To be productive, set a routine around when you will work and what that will look like. Be specific.

I like to tick off a lot of small around the house tasks before I start - helps build momentum and start the day off right.

Structure is the antidote to chaos. 

2) Set boundaries.

A routine to start is  essential, but a routine to stop is just as important. It's easy for your work to spill into everything - before you know it you are working from the couch all the time and free time doesn't exist. 


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