Nutrition Coaching Fundamentals: self guided course lessons with Luke Tremblay


Last week I sat down with Luke Tremblay, a recent graduate of the polyhealth Nutrition Coaching Fundamentals self-guided course. 

Luke is an international level Powerlifter and personal trainer -  I was so PUMPED for him to take the self-guided course because I knew the investment would take him to the next level, both in his business and personally.  He was able to use some down time during the COVID-19 shutdown to complete the course and is seeing immediate benefits with his clients. He also used the course content for some small tweaks in his own nutrition  taking him to world-record levels of strength (I won't take full credit here because I didn't actually lift the weight, but I feel at least partially responsible hah). 

This course was created to take people with a basic understanding of nutrition and human performance and give them the tools and strategies they need to run a fully functioning nutrition...

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How I make $10,000 every month online coaching

In times of chaos, we question everything. 

How do I work in this uncertainty? 

Am I truly living my life like I want to?

How will I provide for my family? 

I’ve been lucky enough to develop the skills and have the support to create a career that I love. 

Everyday I get to educate and help others improve in ways I’m very passionate about. 

But it’s even more fulfilling, when you can do this AND provide for your family. 

Talking income is something I’ve shied away from in the past - it’s a bit taboo, but it’s important to highlight how you can turn your passion into a career, while still providing for your family. 

The first time I made $10,000 in a month was April 2016. It’s been a full 4-years since then, but I’ve gained a lot of insight into how this is possible and how to repeat it. 

Here are three things I’ve found to be COMPLETE GAME CHANGERS when it comes to levelling up your business...

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Three tips to transition into online coaching


Over the last 10 years, the majority of my nutrition and strength coaching has been online.

Since the COVID19 pandemic, I've talked to many friends and colleagues that are desperately trying to transition their businesses online. 

There's been tons of trial and error, so I'm hoping these three tips ease anyone trying to make the transition to online coaching:

1. Ask good questions and ask them in advance:

You can't ask a client to update you and be surprised when they contact you back with a wall of text.

If you don't want them to over describe what is going on, ask better questions.

If you want to make sure you have the answers before you sit down to create a plan, design systems to capture this in advance.

There is nothing worse than coming up with a plan, sending it off and then realizing it needs to be entirely re-worked because of what the client has going on.

2. Teach them perspective

It's only human to question when you start something new - but if you can shift your...

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