Business Lessons with Supplement World owner Josh MacGowan


Saskatoon is home to a thriving health and fitness scene and Supplement World's Josh MacGowan is at the center of it all.

Josh and his team are well-known for their high quality and innovative service in supplementation, but also a knack for bringing together the community. 

Josh is very humble, so I wanted to interview him to credit the success of Supplement World, but also to gather insight on what has pushed the needle in their business. 

Even before the pandemic Supplement World was adapting to our ever-changing business climate, so it wasn't surprising to see them offering curbside and delivery before businesses were even ordered to shut down. 

Watch the full video to hear about Josh's humble beginnings - the guitar teacher/fitness employee infatuated with supplements, to  growing a health-store powerhouse, currently sitting at EIGHT stores across Western Canada. 

I found our talk really insightful - if I had...

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