Nutrition Coaching Fundamentals

A self-guided, evidence based introduction to the world of nutrition coaching.

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1. Introduction to Nutrition and Energy Intake, Digestion and Metabolism

2. Macronutrients and Alcohol

3. Micronutrients and Hydration

4. Nutritional Assessment

5. Bridging the gap between quantity, quality and execution with Dallas Odgers, RD.

6. Business Development 

7. Client Fulfillment

8. Business Systems, Adherence and Results

9. Dietary Deviations 

10. Frequently Asked Questions

11. Goal setting, Timelines and Adjustments



Armed with a PhD in Nutrition, Dr. Marc presents the up to date scientific information, so you can provide an evidence based coaching practice.


Through a decade of coaching experience, we've mastered the art of applying nutrition concepts into real life practice.  This courses goes beyond information you can find in a textbook - enriching knowledge with real-world examples that can only be taught by being in the trenches.


What your clients care about - results!  Let our expert team lay out exactly how use best practices to push results, keeping your client roster committed to your services and gain referrals to build your business. 

Nutrition Coaching Fundamentals

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