Tired of feeling confused and frustrated with how to eat to get leaner?



Introducing: Fat Loss Basics

- Lose fat in just 8-weeks
- Develop a personalized weight loss plan 
- Improve your relationship with food
- Backed by science-based recommendations

8-weeks -- All-online

Cost: $100 CDN

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What's this course all about?

Fat Loss Basics, is a practical and evidence-based introduction to the world of weight loss. The team provides evidence-based recommendations for you to lose weight and get leaner. 
Dr. Marc Morris and the polyhealth team give you all the tools you need to enjoy your life and build a better relationship with food, all while losing weight. 
By the end of this course you will feel confident in your ability to lose weight while enjoying the foods that you love. 


  1. Lose weight in a healthy, sustainable process. 
  2. Track calories, macronutrients, and be inclusive of all the foods you enjoy. 
  3. Have a better relationship with food and know how to plan around social events, family gatherings, and navigate everyday life with your weight loss journey.

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Course Outline

Each week the coaches will go through the main objectives. Followed with some light reading on the week's topic and other important information to get you going.

Week 1: Calories

Key Learning Objective:

How to figure out your caloric intake for a sustainable weight loss rate.  

Week 2: Protein

Key Learning Objective:

Figure out your optimal protein target, and how protein affects your weight loss.  

Week 3: Carbs and Fats

Key Learning Objective:

Figure out your optimal carb and fat targets for sustainable weight loss. 

Week 4: High Volume Foods

Key Learning Objective:

Figure out how much high volume foods you should be consuming based on your intake for a healthy lifestyle.

Week 5: Hydration

Key Learning Objective:

Figure out your optimal hydration levels to live a healthy life. 

Week 6: Mindset Around Weight Loss

Key Learning Objective:

Learn how your mindset can affect your weight loss and what to do about it.

Week 7: Social Eating

Key Learning Objective:

Figure out how to navigate everyday social events and important dates on your weight loss journey. 

Week 8: Strategies to Stay on Track

Key Learning Objective:

Learn and implement the strategies that the Polyhealth team use to stay on track.

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What do past clients have to say?

"I started the process as a frustrated, lost, and confused person in terms of my nutrition. Throughout the 8 weeks, my mindset has completely shifted, and so has my confidence in my nutrition. I am now planning ahead, mindfully eating, and enjoying my life. I have learned how to calculate macros and how to use flex days to fit with my lifestyle. The program has given me control back in my life, along with feelings of accomplishment. Thank you to the coaches, you guys have truly given me so much more than 8 weeks of lessons, but rather a better lifestyle and lifelong values in terms of nutrition!" - Breanne Spence

"My results are a direct reflection of how well this program is put together and delivered"⁣ - Rian Cory

"Being consistent in all areas of nutrition is the most sustainable way to have a healthy relationship with food. I’ve learned lots of tips and tricks about food prep, food choices, and how my mindset affects my choices. I feel good and will continue on my path of being consistent." - Heather Carruthers 

"My attitude, relationship, and how I feel towards food has all changed. You are all different and amazing teachers! Thank you for sharing your knowledge & passion with me!" - Lind Luby

"My whole relationship with food has been changed forever. I'm so happy I decided to take this course." - Kellie McKay


Check out this transformation from Rian Cory, who previously completed the course in 2020 - "My approach to eating has drastically changed." Rian was able to find success by learning how much he should be eating for his goals, building a balanced diet with all the foods he enjoyed, and trusting the process.


This story is my favourite – in Week #2 when we started tracking macronutrient targets, Urs actually wanted to quit. But change comes with a learning curve – get over the hump by being good enough, not perfect. If you can do that, what’s on the other side is quite remarkable.

Life Long Change

Emily started working with a Polyhealth coach only 3 months after having her 3rd child. She wanted to shed some postpartum weight and start her journey back to regular CrossFit training and activity. ⁣

Not only did she lose 14lbs of fat but gained muscle in the process! Emily’s now maintaining her weight at ~3000 calories/day, crushing performance goals in the gym and loving life in her postpartum body!

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About the Lead Instructor 

Dr. Marc Morris PhD (Nutrition), CSCS 

Marc received an Honours Chemistry (Bio-organic Specialization) degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. In 2009, he moved to the Prairies to pursue graduate school in Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan, where he graduated with his PhD in Nutrition. 

In academia, Marc’s experience ranges from playing “lab rat” as a healthy control to delivering a two full university level courses (Advanced Metabolism and Macronutrients and Current Issues in Nutrition)   He is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

As a strength athlete, Marc is a nationally-ranked powerlifter, attending the 2017 Open Equipped World Championships. He has served as Head Coach of the Canadian Men's Master team at the IPF Classic World Championships form 2016 to present. Marc leverages his athletic experience and credentials in biochemistry and human nutrition to provide evidence-based but practical recommendations to clients and the fitness community.

"This program has taught me how to be successful with my nutrition in a very sustainable way! I’m very thankful to all the coaches, and I look forward to continuing down this path!"

Rian Cory

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